So its now 2015…

…2014 has been gone a total of 10 hours. I don’t plan on making any resolutions because I know that they won’t last although I did attempt to stop biting my nails last week which lasted about a day (I do try again every day though). Rather than making resolutions I just want to take each day as it comes, and do my best to get through it as much as I can.

Just Keep Smiling! 🙂 x


Fibro… my… What thingy?

Fibro…my…whatever thingy… You know… Your condition thing…

It appears that my family don’t even know the name of my condition never mind understand what it is… A little frustrating but expected…

555104_10150660038733691_1417945611_nThis really doesn’t surprise me and to be honest I don’t even plan to take the time to explain or correct them. I have found that people just seem to accept the information that they want to know even if they are given different information

Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

😮 How has it been 4 days since I last posted, that is crazy?!

Hope everyone had a good day on Christmas whether it is something you celebrate or not. I had a great day overall, received bad news in the morning that my friend had passed away and also still coping with the news that my step mum had passed the day before, however watching the boys (nephews) being so happy and excitable just helped the day go smoother.

I have been at work every day until then in which they are starting to leave me in charge of the front counter (I work in Fast food!) and allow me to do the paper work and plan breaks and things (Which is exciting) it is tiring, I come home and I am just so tired. We have been a lot more busier than anyone planned we would be, or expected us to be.

I have gone home for a few days to just see the family and just to get away for a few days…imagesCAWF39EG
Just Keep Smiling! 🙂 x

My step mum has passed away :-(


Even though you know people are going to die eventually you just can’t seem to prepare yourself for the inevitable. My step mum passed away. She had been poorly for a couple of months…showed progress to getting better but ended up back in hospital a few weeks ago and sadly never made it back out.

We all knew that it was going to happen we just wasn’t sure when and now it has happened it doesn’t feel real. I was never that close to her however we had our little moments, she taught me how to iron! She helped me to bake and cook, you know the little simple things in life.

It is better now she isn’t suffering in pain anymore… Cancer has taken yet another victim!

Just Keep Smiling! (No matter how hard it is!) 🙂 x


My 2 year anniversary!

Saturday 20th December marked my 2 year anniversary for my official diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and if I am honest it has been the most successful 2 years of my life so far…Let me explain…

Before being diagnosed I was all over the place, life was a complete mess and I was close to leaving university and just screwing everything up. Then came a rheumatologist who listened to me and tested me and gave me this diagnosis. Fibromyalgia. Something I had never heard of before and yet was not given much information about. I was left to go and research it myself. So anyway back to the story…

Since the diagnosis I stayed and graduated from University with a 2:1 Degree in Drama and now I juggle 2 jobs, both of which I love (in their own unique ways). I have a clearer head and I am able to work through things easier because in my head if I give up and let my condition beat me then I may as well not be here anymore, I should just give up on life. So I have worked harder than I have before and I am more determined to make something of my life.

Its amazing how something as simple as an answer can help.

Just Keep Smiling! x