So much ouchiness!

Fibro Symptom #1 = IBS

I just can’t seem to be able to not have a poorly tummy right now, not sure I have been this bad in a long time! Trust it to be the time that I go home to visit the family… Feeling so bad that I have just curled up and used my heat teddy all day… Not great right now 😦

Just Keep Smiling

Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

😮 How has it been 4 days since I last posted, that is crazy?!

Hope everyone had a good day on Christmas whether it is something you celebrate or not. I had a great day overall, received bad news in the morning that my friend had passed away and also still coping with the news that my step mum had passed the day before, however watching the boys (nephews) being so happy and excitable just helped the day go smoother.

I have been at work every day until then in which they are starting to leave me in charge of the front counter (I work in Fast food!) and allow me to do the paper work and plan breaks and things (Which is exciting) it is tiring, I come home and I am just so tired. We have been a lot more busier than anyone planned we would be, or expected us to be.

I have gone home for a few days to just see the family and just to get away for a few days…imagesCAWF39EG
Just Keep Smiling! 🙂 x

There’s A Light At Each End Of The Tunnel


the mistress

Never forget:

We all have bad days. We all have difficult situations. We all have reasons to make us sad.
But we all also have a choice; move on, or mourn on. Make the choice wisely, take your time. And always remember, whatever the decision is, it’s the right one.

And never, ever believe that your world is filled with darkness, because there will always be a ray of light, of hope, to guide you to your destiny.


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