So its now 2015…

…2014 has been gone a total of 10 hours. I don’t plan on making any resolutions because I know that they won’t last although I did attempt to stop biting my nails last week which lasted about a day (I do try again every day though). Rather than making resolutions I just want to take each day as it comes, and do my best to get through it as much as I can.

Just Keep Smiling! 🙂 x


One thought on “So its now 2015…

  1. Hi Shel, Happy happy new year! I agree with you “Take each day as it comes and try my best to get through it.” I feel for you you look so young, but one thing which is not a great thing but a very good thing…. You know whats wrong while you are young, and maybe you won’t have to go through all the pitfalls I have survived having this disease for 45 years or more and never knowing what was ‘wrong’ with me.

    I really hope, and pray for a fantastic new year for “YOU!” thanks for visiting my Blog, there’s a ton of stuff there so feel free to come and visit again.

    Fibro hugs / Hubert


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