Fibro… my… What thingy?

Fibro…my…whatever thingy… You know… Your condition thing…

It appears that my family don’t even know the name of my condition never mind understand what it is… A little frustrating but expected…

555104_10150660038733691_1417945611_nThis really doesn’t surprise me and to be honest I don’t even plan to take the time to explain or correct them. I have found that people just seem to accept the information that they want to know even if they are given different information


3 thoughts on “Fibro… my… What thingy?

  1. Some people want to know and some people don’t care about the specifics that much, but I care that the people in my own life know so I can raise awareness for my conditions like CRPS/RSD for one, so I’ll keep correcting until people get it.


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